Nick Ratliff

-Pyrotechnician Assistant


Oscar Lopez


-Owner/Founder of ROAR Over Texas, Inc.
-Fireworks Special -Effects Operator,
-Certified Firefighter

Rafael Gutierrez 

-Pyrotechnician Assistant

-Certified FF, EMT 

We are ​a family owned company operated by local firefighters. We provide one of a kind firework displays for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and more! 

Megan Lopez

-Executive Administrative Assistant

-Customer relations

-Certified Pyrotechnician 

Ernie Powell

-Certified Pyrotechnician

-Certified FF, EMT 

Rocky Torres


-Owner/founder of ROAR Over Texas, Inc.

ROAR Over Texas

Celebrate every occasion with a bang! 

OUR goal

Customer service is our top priority. We take pride in the work that we do and hire only the most highly qualified technicians. We guarantee a professional show every time, no exceptions.

Our shows have been tested, timed, and perfected by certified firefighters to ensure a flawless presentation

Elier Vazquez 

-Pyrotechnician Assistant

-Certified FF, EMT 

quality work, quality people 


Since their invention in 7th Century China, fireworks have been a form of celebration and fun for people around the world. We want to provide you with the perfect entrance, finale, or whatever you desire for your special event! 

We specialize in custom, creative firework displays safely overlooked by licensed firefighters and professionals. Anything from weddings to corporate events and birthday parties; let us make your occasion unforgettable! 

We provide the highest level of customer service and  freshly created presentations. No display is too small or too large. Whatever your style, our professional staff will design the show you're looking for. 

Our staff



Yubia Martinez

-Administrative Assistant

-Customer relations

-Accounting/ bookkeeping 

Our goal is to provide the best overall experience for  your special event needs. We strive to create breathtaking presentations through safety and professionalism.